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Roofing and Remodeling Specialists

We decided when we first started that we were not going to go cheap on material and labor to make a little extra money per job. So we spent many weeks going to many different manufacturers looking over all specs and weighing pros and cons of each shingle.

Ask us about our impact resistant shingles and how to save 40% on your insurance premiums

Commercial and Residential Roofs

Commercial and residential roofs vary in design. If you are in need of a new roof, you may be wondering what the difference is between residential and commercial roofing. We have experience in the many types of roofs and siding requirements for your project.

We install complete roofing systems.

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Only High Quality Roofing Systems

On our roofs we use six 1.25″ length nails per shingle and four per piece of ridge to guarantee the wind rating of the shingle. We use a synthetic underlayment for felt which comes with a 10 year warranty. We also include (at no charge) an ice and water shield barrier in all valleys and around your chimney for added protection.

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