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Infinity from Marvin

For any home remodeler, the ability to deliver consistent quality requires two distinct features: qualified installers and dependable products. Many local window companies offer one but not the other—but Tailored Remodeling proudly provides the best of both! Among our most highly performing—and highly acclaimed—window options is Infinity from Marvin windows.

A longtime customer favorite, Marvin windows are recognized as much for their aesthetic appeal as their advanced engineering. You’ll enjoy long-term performance in a look that elevates your home from the inside out.

What’s Better About Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows?

Tailored Remodeling first opened for business back in 2014, starting as small father-son team with a strong local presence. Today, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted sources of replacement windows, due in no small measure to our highly selective brand partners.

The bottom line?

We’ve selected Infinity from Marvin windows because we know that their products provide the lasting performance that we demand (and that you deserve!). With our Infinity from Marvin window installers, you’ll see and feel the difference of this trusted manufacturer right away:

  • Proven Strength: Infinity’s proprietary Ultrex® fiberglass is up to 8 times stronger than traditional vinyl, protecting your new windows from wear and tear.
  • Year-Round Durability: Ultrex won’t expand or contract like most window materials, which helps maintain a tight seal that won’t get jammed or stuck over time.
  • Stunning Beauty: You can choose from dozens of customizable window options to highlight the unique style of your home interior and exterior.
  • Better Views: The strength of Ultrex frames means that less material is needed for the same-sized windowpane. As a result, you’ll enjoy more open views with less hardware and framing in the way.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many Infinity from Marvin replacement windows qualify for ENERGY STAR certification and can help insulate your home from exterior temperature swings.

Learn More About Marvin Windows and Get a Free Cost Estimate

Tailored Remodeling is where we tailor your dreams into reality—whether that means Infinity from Marvin windows or products from any other of our highly rated brand partners. We provide free consultations and cost estimates on all of our customized replacement windows, taking an honest approach that puts your needs first.

Find out more about our Marvin windows today by giving our licensed and insured remodelers a call! To sign up for your free consultation right now, submit our simple online form.